Challenge 10: “The End” or “Happily Ever After”

The last challenge! So sad! 🙁

I loved the challenge as it was something a little different to look forward to every week. I didn’t find out about the challenge until a few days before, and even that was plenty of time to get right into it. I didn’t realize I could subscribe to get the posts until recently, but if I had known, I would have been using that throughout. I thought having the headers were so great becasue it allowed me to get right to the student list. I had to visit the blog every week since it was an option one could choose to take in our class. I think the challenge with the links and the challenge with the tags were the most useful ones out of the entire challenge. The wordle challenge and the story challenge were my favorites and definitely the most interesting. I definitely would have liked better tutorial posts since I had to reread them multiple times to even understand what I had to do! A few of the “visit these” were helpful, but a tutorial post would have been a ton better. When we got to embed things on the blog, that was such fun and definitely something different and nothing I could have figured out by myself. I did visit some overseas ones but I never really got that into their blog, which is a tad disappointing. I think that if there were more challenges in the year, I would definitely like that.

So challenges, here is where we part. Good night and good luck. 🙂

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