Challenge Nine: rounding it all up…

Woot woot, let’s be challenged!

So, I’ll be doing an amalgamation of all the activities that are to be offered this week. Since the beginning of March, I have written 18 posts, some for school and some for the challenge. None have been me blogging because I could blog, which I feel isn’t a proper representation of me, but then I think about it and I realize I get to blog about what I enjoy anyway. I have gotten 40 plus comments since then and it makes me realize that people actually like my blog. That’s really exciting for me. One post that got a ton of comments was the one on “Covert Affairs” since my friend commented like crazy on it since she loves the show. (I love your obsession Abby!) I really liked writing the story with the picture for the challenge as it allowed me to think a little differently than what we have to do in school. I didn’t change themes since I really liked the one I had in the beginning. I asked my brother to take a look at my blog and he thought I was going a little overboard with all of the pictures I have, but he understood after I told him that I wanted everyone to see what I write about from my own point, and I feel pictures are very important. My parents love the city header I have, since they know how living in a big city is my dream. I think that I will probably continue blogging even though I won’t have to for a class. Ever since we started blogging for school, I have had it in the back of my mind to actually start my own since I love doing it. I will most definitely have to finish blogging all my T.V. shows since everyone wants more, right? If I were to nominate a blog, it would be Emma since she has some great posts and I love reading her challenges and even her classroom blogging.

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