Challenge Seven: We are family!

Challenge it up!

My family is very big, but not all of them are my relatives. As my parents moved to America after they got married, my extended family is all in India. We have my fathers side and my mothers side, who are both very entertaining to be around. With my fathers side of the family, they live in a big city (you might have heard of it: it’s called Mumbai/Bombay) and it is so much fun to hang out with them since we get to see celebrities and go shopping and it’s just a ton of fun. Now my mother grew up in a small town, and my grandmother still lives there. In India, it is common to have a joint family and never have the sons move out. (My dad did though, so he’s an exception.) All four of my uncles still live in the house they grew up in. I always hear funny stories of how my mom had to fight her way to be heard since she was the only girl of five children. (I think one brother is bad enough!) Since I travel to India with my mom, we usually spend most of the time with my mom’s family.  They are loads of fun, especially my four year old cousin who doesn’t speak a word of English. (It’s quite a challenge for us to communicate, but we get our point across.) My other family, however, is right here in the good old state of New York. These are all of the Indian families who live close to us and have basically seen all of us kids grow up and want us to be settled in a great place when we grow up. Although my family in India is my blood, these friends have grown closer to us than any other friends would as they see the same things we do and they face the same issues we do. Two of my best friends are basically family since I’ve grown up with them and they don’t go to school with me, but we all know what it’s like to have our families so far away from us, so we make it up by hanging out together. All of these memories and the huge “family” I have is definitely one of the best things to have.

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