Challenge Six: words are fun!

For this weeks challenge, I decided to make a wordle. There are two reasons I wanted to make a wordle: a) we are reading History of Love right now and one major motif throughout the book is words. I thought it would be interesting to see my words on something a little different than paper or on the blog. That is part of reason b) as well as the concept looked really cool. I mean, look at them! I have to say, I didn’t expect all of the words from my previous challenge post to be some of the most common words I used. I do understand why “becasue” was so big: I tend to explain every little thing for no particular reason. But I couldn’t figure out “one”. I think it might be for when I start t describe things. “Know” is also big. (I hope I don’t sound like a know-it-all when I post!) The one that made me happy was how “love” was big becasue I know that I tend to explain things while saying how much I love them. Most if the words are what I use to explain things, but some of the smaller ones are random without the sentences it is usually in.

My wordle!

My wordle!

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