Challenge Five: Boating it up!

Challenge time! (I’ll be doing Activity 7, just to let you know. 😉 )

Once upon a time, there were three best friends named Michael, Tony, and John. They grew up together, went to college together, and even ended up working at the same company. Even though life through them many different things over the years, they still stuck to each other. One thing they all loved, that stayed with them for all those years was boating. Each of their fathers had boated together, as had their grandfathers. For each of them, it felt as if the boating was their escape and they never wanted to let go of this passion.

For all those years they boated together, the one dream they had was to go on a trip around the tip of South America, starting from California and making it to New York. They decided that they had to do it before they got to be too old for the adventure. They all took off from work and bought themselves a shiny white boat. As they set off on their voyage of a lifetime, they were so excited and they all bought something for the boat that they felt would jazz it up. Michael bought a flag that he thought looked interesting, Tony bought cushions for the seats, and John bought a special captain’s wheel that had been on an actual ship over 100 years ago. The story behind the wheel was that it was cursed to whatever vessel it was attached on and that only one person would be able to overcome the curse and no one knew when in history this person would come around. But the clerk at the store told John that it was a lucky wheel as he needed to sell it.  John decided that he would gift it to the boat so they would all get the luck from it. Little did they know what was coming.

As they were almost done with the voyage and nearing New York, they faced huge waves and feared a tsunami or some other disaster. As they were hiding under the deck, they thought they were close to death and started revealing their lifelong dreams. Michael said he always wanted to become an actor. Tony expressed his desire to work in law enforcement. John felt that he could always achieve so much more than an office job. They all had the same thing holding them back: they thought that they were going to loose each other. They all also wanted to get married and have kids and hove beautiful homes, but couldn’t because of their friendship. They all promised that if they were to live, they would follow their respective dreams and still keep their friendship intact. All of a sudden, John had some sort of epiphany and dove out on the deck. Michael and Tony called back for him, but John claimed the wheel and a flash of light sparked in the sky behind them. The waves subsided as quickly as they had started and the skies cleared up. They headed back to shore and flew back to California. They headed home and promised to call later that day.

A few years later, Michael became a famous actor who was very rich and was married to an ex-supermodel. Tony achieved his goal of being in law enforcement by working as an NCIS agent who was allowed to roam around the country as a liaison agent and met his wife while going around the country. John became a politician who was going to run for President who learned his self-worth after the boating incident and was soon to marry the girl he always loved throughout his life. The one thing they all owed to their own personal successes: the support of their best friends. They continued to boat and enjoyed the life that came at them. Just before all of their first children were born, they promise to keep boating, even with children, and to make sure that all of their children, even the girls, loved boating as much as their fathers did.

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2 thoughts on “Challenge Five: Boating it up!

  1. I love how the guys all end up in their appropriate careers! 😉 You are fabulously entertaining, but that’s probably because I understand all the references in your story…right? 😀

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