Challenge 4: Where is the world is this blog?

Part two of this weeks challenge! If you came to my town, I’m very sorry that you had nowhere else to go. It is a nice town, but it just is a tad boring for my taste. I think the only exciting thing in my town is the mall, and it isn’t even all that great, compared to other malls I’ve been to. Barnes & Noble is fun, when I’m in the mood. At home, on the couch, in front of the T.V. or reading a book is where I would usually be. Since I am in upstate New York (yes, there is more to New York than the city!), I am in the northeastern area of the United States and we experience all four seasons, with drastic changes. We speak English, but lately, I have noticed many different languages being spoken around the town, which is good, since we are slowly becoming more culturally diverse. (I personally speak Punjabi, as I am Sikh, so it’s good knowing that other people have a language they (partially) speak with there families.) Supposedly, New Yorkers have an accent, so it might be a little weird hearing us talk, but I think we are neutral compared to some other regions. We don’t have an interesting lingo, so you’re out of luck if you wanted to learn some new words. The best time to visit us is either the spring (March to May) or the fall (September to November). The winters are too cold and the summers are too hot. We experience crazy weather patterns. I can tell you that for sure because a week and a half  ago, it was 60 degrees Farenheit, and this weekend, it reached 10 degrees. Crazy weather. Warm breezes one day, snow day the next. Since we are so crazy in weather, you would probably need clothes ready for anything that came your way.

I have been to many countries and I would really love to go back to some places and really immerse myself into the life there. I would love to find my way around Europe and live there for awhile. I have been to Ghent, Bruges, Brussels, Prague, and Budapest most recently and when I was younger (aka I don’t remember) my family and I visited France, Amsterdam, Vienna, and London. I am going to Spain and Italy next year with my friends as part of a school trip, which will be a different experience as I have never traveled anywhere without my family. I would want to know where the interesting landmarks are, and where the good food is, and where people would go just to hang out. I would also love to know where the best grocery stores are, becasue food tends to be very important to me. Europe has always interested me, becasue the country is so beautiful and in movies, when they show the scenery, it is so exciting to see. I would love for a huge all-Europe trip to come my way that I could stay in each place for awhile to experience everything. Does anyone else have the same wish? Because if someone has more information than I do (which is none!), I would love to know! Also, how much do the trains cost to travel around? becasue I don’t have too much money for expensive trains! But watching movie all these years, I think that something like this would be dream come true!



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