Challenge 2: My new avatar!

For this weeks challenge, I really enjoyed having to make a new avatar. Before, it was a picture of me (in Peru!), but I feel the avatar was fun to make, so I like having it there as a reminder of how many site I went to in order to find the right one! The website was meant for people who wanted to make a Harry Potter character, but I decided to make myself. I have brown eyes, so I found the closest looking one, and although I have VERY long black hair, the shoulder-length one worked for this purpose. I’m Indian, so I added the browner skin color and I didn’t like the toothy grins they had, so I just have a plain smile, even though I’m forever laughing. I love wearing black clothes so I had the black tee and then just because they had an argyle sweater, I HAD to put it on. (Thanks Shayna for the obsession!) I love my skinny jeans and even though I’m so tall, heels are the best thing that ever happened to me. I added a book because reading is basically my everything. Overall, I think the avatar is a good representation of me because the website had all of the things that I wanted to put in available. The background is just a normal room, so that’s okay with me. Here is the full image for you!

My avatar!

My avatar!

6 thoughts on “Challenge 2: My new avatar!

  1. Sahiba,
    What you need to do now, though, is just choose a small part of the picture for your avatar, because the size it is now won’t fit in the avatar widget. Read the rest of the student blogging challenge post about using printscreen and then uploading.

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  3. Wow,
    I really like how you have discribed yourself in the post and then created a life- like cartoon type avatar of yourself. I read when I am bored but sometimes I just read for fun. Reading does really help with your spelling and grammar in english. I really do hope we keep in contac. (:

    Mikayla. (:

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